Founded in 1982 by Lon Cassino, President, Colorado Real Estate Group has, with knowledge and professionalism, successfully satisfied the needs of customers and clients in the frequently volatile, ever-changing commercial real estate environment.

Small by design, our company has achieved success the old-fashioned way, through hard work.  With a collective eighty years of real estate experience, our expertise ranges from vacant ground sales and development to marketing office, retail, investment, multi-family and industrial properties for sale and lease.  We are equally diligent in representing purchasers and tenants in locating properties for purchase or lease as we are those sellers we represent.

At Colorado Real Estate Group, we pride ourselves on the detailed pursuit of our customers' and clients' needs, handling even the smallest requirements with attention and creativity.


CREG maintains a constant marketing and advertising program, keeping the commercial real estate community abreast of any new properties available through commerical websites and listing services, email and print advertising, direct mail and signage.

We value you and your business.  If you would like to discuss our representation of you or your properties, please contact us.
Denver, Colorado
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Celebrating 40 Years in Real Estate

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